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University students demonstrate against the Iraqi government in Najaf, January 2020.

Local & National Politics

The Arab uprisings of 2011 demonstrated the ability of grassroots actors and social movements to alter the political scene in dramatic ways. MEIS focuses on the compounded relationship between elite decision-making on the one hand and street politics on the other. We provide interdisciplinary research and in-depth analysis on country-specific events, trends, and developments, including national elections and political transitions, and how these factors shape countries’ political and economic priorities on the national, regional, and international levels.
Focus Areas: civil society; civil wars; military-business relations; national elections; non-state actors; organized labour; labour laws; national governments; national politics; political Islam; private sector; religion; socio-economic change; structural reforms; social movements; security sector reform; social safety nets; state-society relations; youth unemployment.


Deals with corrupt Libyan leaders help them stay in power

31 May 2024
By Andrea Cellino

The EU policy of providing unstable countries in North Africa with economic aid in exchange for control of migratory flows risks creating further instability

Latest in Themes

03 July 2023
By Victor J. Willi

Ten Years Later: Quo Vadis, Egypt?

Ten years after the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted from power, the Egyptian economy is facing enormous challenges, with no clear way forward in sight.
20 June 2023
By Molly Hickey
Policy Brief

Can the IMF Really Influence Policy in Egypt, Tunisia, and Lebanon?

The IMF has become increasingly cognizant of the political impediments to economic reform, but it remains unclear if it can do anything to change them.
02 June 2023
By Andrew Hammond

Erdoğan’s Victory: More of the Same in Store for Turkey

The government is likely to continue with a raft of policies designed to establish a protective wall of independence against Western powers

05 March 2023
By Brendon Novel

Somalia and its (Arab) Neighbors: New President, New Chapter

President Mohamoud has rebalanced the country’s foreign relations as the United Arab Emirates becomes Somalia’s key partner again.
08 February 2023
By Andrew Hammond

Erdoğanism Could Live On Even If He Fails

Polls say Turkey’s president could lose in May elections but his legacy will outlast him.

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