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Port Said harbor at the
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Geopolitics & Geoeconomics

Within a shifting global balance of power, the international order is increasingly shaped by the US-Sino rivalry. Against this backdrop, MEIS explores the impact of emerging multipolarity on the region’s geopolitical and geoeconomic transformation. We focus particularly on the interplay of countries’ national politics, how political economies and geographies structure their strategic interests, and how developments in the emerging world order shape regional geopolitics.
Focus Areas: Belt and Road Initiative; China-GCC energy relations; China-MENA relations; climate change; energy politics; energy transition; GCC-Horn of Africa relations; Israeli-Arab normalization; Israeli-Palestinian conflict; political Islam; post-war reconstruction; proxy warfare; supply chains; terrorism; trade; transnational movements; Russia-MENA relations; US-Sino rivalry; US-MENA relations; war economies.

Policy Brief

Messages with Warheads: Unpacking the Logic Behind the Recent Attacks of Iran and its Proxies

01 February 2024
By Francesco Salesio Schiavi

Iran’s January 2024 attacks on Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan, as well as the recent strike by Iranian proxies on a US base at the Syrian-Jordanian border, mark a significant escalation that tests US red lines while raising the risk of an already dangerous situation escalating into further violence.

Latest in Themes

28 December 2023
By Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

Regional and Global Dimensions of the War in Gaza

Against the backdrop of the US’ support of Israel and subsequent loss of legitimacy, to resolve the crisis in Gaza, Gulf States must be given greater regional agency to further equal rapport with the US.

30 July 2023
By Igor Delanoë

Between “Coopetition” and Resilience: Russia-Turkey Relations in the Context of the Ukraine War

Against the recent Wagner mutiny in Russia and the presidential elections in Turkey, the future evolution of the Russian-Turkish relationship is challenged through geopolitical realities in Ukraine.
29 June 2023
By Andrea Cellino
Policy Brief

After the Mutiny: Russia’s Wagner Group in North Africa and Why It (Still) Matters

Europe and the United States need an urgent strategy to address Russian policies in the Mediterranean and Africa.
20 April 2023
By Andrea Cellino
Policy Brief

EU migration Policy: Time for a Change of Course

The compounding of the negative effects of political instability, climate change and food scarcity should compel new thinking in the European Union’s migration policies.
20 April 2023
By Andrew Hammond

Saudi Arabia: America’s Achilles Heel

US overreach with sanctions has prompted many countries around the world to avoid dollar transactions to insulate themselves – presenting a growing threat to the US economy and growing opportunities for China

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