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A highway in Downtown Dubai at the intersection
of Sheikh Zayed Road and Al-Safa Street.

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The Middle East and North Africa is the least economically integrated region in the world, as hydrocarbon exporters, hydrocarbon importers, and conflict economies compete and cooperate within a shifting global order. MEIS provides interdisciplinary research and evidence-based policy insight to support the enhancement of intra-regional trade, reforms, and private sector development with the goal of fostering connectivity, economic diversification, and innovation. We also explore the role of financing in enhancing infrastructure development, public service delivery, and trade connectivity.
Focus Areas: Belt and Road Initiative; BRICS; COP28; development banks; development aid; economic diplomacy; economic diversification; economic integration; e-commerce; Free Trade Agreements; GCC region; geoeconomics; green economy; green growth; infrastructure development; India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC); oil and gas; private sector; productivity and innovation; trade; Saudi Arabia Vision 2030; Sustainable Development Goals; sovereign wealth funds; structural reforms.


Promoting Win-Win Cooperation: Towards a Regional Impact Fund in the Middle East

04 April 2024
By Middle East Institute Switzerland (MEIS)
The MENA region is the least economically integrated region in the world, with significant developmental disparities persisting across GCC and non-GCC states. Against the backdrop of regional rapprochement and de-escalation, international and regional stakeholders should pool their resources to establish a regional impact fund that supports economic integration and regional security efforts.

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